Tokkea: A Crypto Accelerator Winning Over Rookies and Veterans

The crypto industry is clawing its way through what has probably been the most challenging time in its relatively short existence.

The crypto industry is clawing its way through what has probably been the most challenging time in its relatively short existence. The good news is that things are on the upswing again; however, confidence has been shaken and those companies that managed to survive the recent downturn are finding it more and more difficult to attract users to their platforms. Users, as well as community are the lifeblood of any cryptocurrency and attracting the right users is crucial for growth.
Tokkea, a company founded in 2021, has introduced a wide range of innovative products and ideas that are designed to regain investors’ trust and launch the platform into the stratosphere. Tokkea is developing an entire ecosystem of thoughtfully created products and services that appeal to new and seasoned investors while providing some of the industry’s highest levels of security. Could Tokkea be the right platform for you, or even your business?

What’s inside Tokkea’s Accelerator?

Tokkea’s Accelerator comprises a bespoke range of products and fintech services that all revolve around a central digital hub and one ecosystem token. The digital HUB can be accessed through a mobile application, which offers indexes, allocations and multiple incentives. On the other hand it is the place where users will be able to access Tokkea’s NFT marketplace, launchpad, farming and staking programs. Staking your tokens opens up a large range of services and benefits, which include a MasterCard crypto debit card, cashback bonuses and access to Tokkea’s referral program.  


The ecosystem token called STKA, is being used for actions like paying fees for products, rewarding liquidity providers and multiple staking and farming opportunities. The company aims to provide an intuitive, diverse and easy-to-use ecosystem that keeps users safe and helps them earn crypto. The STKA token takes care of all the general day-to-day transactions within the ecosystem.  

Tokkea has already launched its own crypto exchange with multiple layers of security. Having an in-house crypto exchange helps to speed up transaction times, allows companies to offer tokens as rewards and generally builds trust with users. The company also plans to launch a decentralized exchange, as well as an in-house private wallet, towards the end of 2022. A DEX is of peer-to-peer nature, so users can trade cryptocurrencies and interact with smart contracts without needing an intermediary to transfer funds or data. The DEX wallet will provide you with security for your digital assets, nevertheless you may use your existing private wallet such as MetaMask to connect to the DEX.

However, that’s not all! Tokkea has more farming and venture products planned. It’s not just individuals that can benefit from Tokkea, also business owners can. Any startup may join a venture and digitalize their product or company with Tokkea’s tokenization technology. These companies will also have access to a launchpad, giving these startups the best chance to succeed.  

 However, what attracts most users to the platform is the copy trading platform that allows traders to either learn the ropes or hone their skills. The platform is free of performance fees and already live in Beta mode, giving Tokkea a huge advantage over the competitors. Copy trading is perfect for newbies and veterans. Newcomers can earn as they learn, and experienced traders can test out new strategies before risking their cash in live trades. 


Copy trading allows users to learn from experts by copying another trader’s position while it’s opened or closed and can be done manually or automatically. Users can create a variety of portfolios inheriting different strategies and varying levels of risk. The aim is to educate traders and help them make as much money as possible at lowest risk possible.  

Wine and tokens – a sensible match?

Another service within the platform is the company’s IT section, which has the technology to tokenize assets and develop legal services for blockchain and crypto projects. This is a robust set of tools to have at your disposal. It reinforces the company’s ability to secure its own and its user’s assets legally and technologically. Tokkea is already tokenizing rare collectible bottles of wine by creating NFTs as a digital certificate. This is an interesting project that demonstrates the immense potential of tokenization in the future. And users can get access to a whitelist by staking their STKA. Nearly anything may be tokenized, that’s why Tokkea plans to be a top player in this sector. 

What is Big Vision?

Tokkea’s partnership with Big Vision fertilizes the Accelerator strategy by offering a game changing range of social, educational and networking systems. A decentralized metaverse will allow users to profit from social connections within the world of crypto. The personalized NFT access pass displays the real capitalization of a profile by showing skills and experiences in the blockchain industry. By activating the NFT pass, users can begin their journey and expand their network. They can create communities and share their thoughts using secure streams, which are blockchain based. 

Big Vision provides a platform where people from the industry should come together. Individuals and entrepreneurs are incentivized to join forces, in order to harness the biggest advantages of strategies, technologies and services within the crypto space.

All this will function around the BVC token, which users can receive as bonus rewards when purchasing  a Tokkea package.

Big Vision Academy is the perfect place for beginners to learn about crypto and blockchain, while experienced users can expand their knowledge. It helps users to understand the most important topics and terms of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The designated aim is to supply knowledge and unravel the myths in order to advance the sector’s adoption.

Big Vision Club gives members the opportunity to feel special among the same ambitious and successful people. It is achieved by forming an exclusive lifestyle and business community.

This partnership is essential for users to be able to learn, share their thoughts, find partners and teams, create projects and ultimately join the Tokkea Accelerator program to receive capital for their undertakings and reach more clients at the same time. 

With Tokkea, anyone can realize their ideas and plans to match their ambitions. 

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