The Importance Of Community Management In The Gambling Industry

Community in the gambling industry is a collective that builds the brand’s presence and fuels it with energy. Plans Global Institutional Expansion With Fireblocks

Community in the gambling industry is a collective that builds the brand’s presence and fuels it with an energy that makes the communication between the brand and its supporters personal, simple, and enjoyable. Loyalty, transparency, and influence – the combination of these factors create the actual value that the communities in gaming or the gambling industry strive for. This makes a gaming environment far more than just a place to pop in and play. It becomes a group of like-minded individuals that can share ideas, chat, and become a part of something bigger. FortuneJack, a pioneering bitcoin casino, established in 2014, which enables transactions across bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies knows this well. They place a huge emphasis on nurturing their community, communicating with them, and building a social basis for their brand. We spoke to Tornike Kipiani and Saba Khimshiashvili of FortuneJack.

What is the purpose of Community Management?

The key reason why community management is effective is that it organically increases the player base without the need for repeatedly paying for ads to do so. In addition, it is the most powerful way of retaining customers in the long term, meaning that everyone involved within the community stays loyal to the products of the brand and never hesitates to spend some money on it.

Why is good Community Management important?

Good community management involves dedicating a team to keep everyone from the casino’s gamblers to the casino affiliates engaged, in the loop, and bringing value to both sides. Everyone involved within the fanbase takes its part in supporting the casino and helping form its decisions, including the future direction of the casino and its offering, in a type of self-governance. Generally speaking, businesses with an encouraging audience always feel safe, without worrying about non-controlled risks in advance. Undoubtedly, a good community helps build a powerful brand.

Here at FortuneJack’s community team, we treat every player as a friend. It involves us being always in touch, answering questions, helping them solve problems directly, crediting them with various prizes, with no requirements at all, and with their input ensuring our products can be enjoyed by every single member of the community. All of this is possible due to us listening to their feedback and taking them into consideration without any doubts, whatsoever.

What does a Community Manager do?

Every platform that has its own community, provides a unique way of engaging with users and taking on board their opinions in a way that they can’t do anywhere else. A colleague of mine, Saba, and I, Tornike, are always exploring the best ways to spread the word out to the community. In view of the fact that we are directly in touch with every member of our supportive audience, we better understand what they need, which in the end helps us craft dedicated messages, without worrying about whether it’s the right direction to go in.

What is the future of gaming communities?

Online gaming combined with our crypto business is already a first step into the direction we want to go in. Our community is expert enough to understand our business, so we can say that these are the people who will be shaping the upcoming journey for the online gaming community. All in all, tech progress alongside the understanding of the personalities we cater for, is and always will be the main area that we will focus on.

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