Tezro Is Converting Chat Into Bank With a New Financial Messenger

In the encrypted messenger app, users can chat and send some crypto if the topic ever comes up.

With the boom of online banking platforms, days when transferring money was complicated are long gone. Blockchain and DeFi technologies are pushing internet banking even further, with many platforms emerging and offering one-click banking services for online users. 

A new player in the game, Tezro, is going an extra mile in offering banking services that are as easy and intuitive as chatting. In the encrypted messenger app, users can chat and send some crypto if the topic ever comes up.

All-In-One Application

As juggling different financial applications can be time-consuming, Tezro introduces a platform containing everything a person or business needs. 

The app has integrated chat, where users can instantly send and receive messages and payments, and exchange money from fiat to cryptocurrencies. Encryption and security features ensure privacy – client data and digital assets are safe from hackers and other unauthorized third parties. 

The escrow function allows users to make payments between individuals securely. The system reassures that the payment will be securely credited to the account. 

In the event of the fraudulent behavior of buyers, it would be returned. The advanced invoice functionality of Tezro allows users to make payments between B2B clients. 

The non-custodial crypto wallet allows users to store cryptocurrencies, nullifying the need to have multiple wallets. 

The built-in exchange platform enables the trading of cryptocurrencies for other currencies like Bitcoin, stablecoins, Ethereum, Tether, EOS, BNP, and many more at the rate of 15,000 exchange operations per second. The exchange platform includes ultra-low latency systems, rigid security mechanisms, and liquidity. 

"The first thing a user needs to do is register and open their account and transfer cryptocurrency or fiat currency to Tezro's internal wallet. After replenishing the account, the user in the amount of his asset can perform all the operations! Thanks to the unique Tezro blockchain, transactions go instantly anywhere in the world without any obstacles,"

explains Grygoriy Sytenko, the CEO at Tezro.

No More Online Shopping Cart

Tezro’s app integration with online stores makes shopping easier. On the Tezro ecosystem, users can sell and buy goods through an online platform and send Visa gift cards – all with a few clicks. 

The Tezro marketplace API will allow sellers to quickly open up a merchant account and sell their goods and services on Tezro’s system and other social networks. 

Merchants can use individual APIs and plugins for their products and services on their own sites and accept payments in any currency.

With Tezro user’s can forget about installing various apps and use just one for chatting, sharing files, shopping and transfering money anywhere in the World. 

"We believe Tezro is the newest and most secure alternative to the international payment system, which simplifies payments between users and companies from different parts of the world," 

says Grygoriy Sytenko.

Customers can make payments through other social networks directly using Tezro API. Any changes that the sellers make to their products will automatically be reflected on all social networks. 

Tezro is also releasing a new system of auctions and decentralized financing, allowing users to buy and sell luxury goods and make payments directly in cryptocurrency.    

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