Not Just Another Crypto Project: TrustNFT Seeks to be Fully Transparent in All Stages

TrustNFT aim to who to serve its consumers with borderless crypto loans driven by artificial intelligence.

The journey to becoming a mainstream decentralized NFT loans and marketplace is still going in the right direction for TrustNFT, who aims to serve its consumers with borderless crypto loans driven by artificial intelligence.

Being a proprietary project, TrustNFT is still undergoing several modifications with a number of new updates being announced from time to time. At the top of the list, the project has commenced private token sales activity, which is expected to last until November 29. 

According to Mantas Mackevicius, CTO and co-founder at TrustNFT, private investors are currently welcome as there is limited time to jump on the moving train. 

He noted that early investors can benefit from the discounted price, which is a big deal when compared to the swap price.

The aforementioned update is in line with the project’s proposed roadmap for the month of November, implying that the project organizer is strictly abiding to every set goal which is rather impressive in a field where new projects pop up and wither away every month.

While the private token sales are still ongoing, applicants can also sign up for the project presale waitlist, which will also close on November 29th.

Members who sign up for the waitlist get unrestrained access to the project’s exclusive platform features before it goes live. Likewise, members of the waitlist will also have access to Telegram’s VIP channels, allowing them to meet other people who share similar interests.

The project organizers also plan to go public by listing the network’s token in an initial DEX offering (IDO) across a few yet-to-be-identified exchange protocols by early December. 

TrustNFT Launch to Be Implemented in Four Stages

Talking about the project roadmap, Mackevicius revealed that the project launch will be divided into four parts, the first of which is the lending aspect.

According to him, the first product line that facilitates lending is scheduled for sometime in the first quarter of 2022 after which subsequent launch activities will be executed. 

Notably, Mackevicius explained that the core aspect of the project, the AI section, will undergo iteration as the second stage of the launch process. At this point, training of the bot will commence, while the project framework will be tested repeatedly to ensure seamless operation, making up the third and fourth stage of the launch activities, respectively.

Speaking of training, Mackevicius noted that a lot of data from users is required to get the AI section of the project running, which is why it will be coming shortly after the product launch itself. 

“It needs more data. We need to gather data from our blockchain , from our users and public domain to successfully train our AI model” 

Mackevicius stated.

When asked about their biggest challenge, he was completely transparent that the training and implementation of AI into the main project infrastructure might require special attention to detail. 

"Of course, it is not entirely flawless. Having all of the data needed to train the AI is one of the key challenges. The most difficult part will be deploying to real clients. But I believe that with one year to train and implement the functionality, all of these challenges will be addressed,” 

Mantas said.

Because of that, the team has partnered with Andrius Bartminas, who is well experienced in that regard, having worked on at least seven blockchain projects with AI integration. 

Furthermore, given that NFTs are still very much at a pivotal stage, a lot of corrections need to be made in terms of price evaluation, which further makes the job of AI a lot easier. 

That said, the project is expected to have fully launched by the end of 2022, barring any technical delays.


About TrustNFT

TrustNFT technological solutions combine DeFi with NFTs in order to add much-needed utility and unlock the enormous potential of NFTs becoming practical financial instruments. 

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