New Cryptos Rising: Solana (SOL), Parody Coin (PARO), and Calyx Token (CLX) Take the Markets

Every day the cryptocurrency world expands and reaches new highs

Every day the cryptocurrency world expands and reaches new highs. Every day new tokens are launched and new fortunes are made through them. There are currently over 17,000 cryptocurrencies around – Today, Solana (SOL), Parody Coin (PARO), and Calyx Token (CLX) have the power to boost investors’ wallets and elevate passive income to new, extreme pinnacles.

Parody Coin (PARO)

A new coin has landed in the crypto-sphere… Parody Coin!


What is Parody Coin (PARO) and how can it improve investors’ wallets?

Parody Coin is a deflationary utility coin, built on the BNB Chain (BNB).

Its white paper outlines various key features that investors can expect to enjoy as a result of their investment, such as:

Users, through the Parody Network, can swap cryptocurrencies (any crypto) on any blockchain for the same amount of PARO coins. Transacting on multi-chain to centralise liquidity. It is possible to transfer Parody coins to many blockchains via the Parody Bridge.

In the Parody Market, holders of the Parody Token will be able to create parodies of other major blue-chip NFTs. NFT parodies, such as CryptoPunk or Bored Ape NFTs, can be owned by the original owner simply by burning or locking their original NFT. This is a unique component of Parody Coin.


Big social media names like Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter have all been buzzing about Parody Coin (PARO) lately as the Network has launched its first presale stage and experts are predicting it could perform very well, possibly reaching Filecoin (FIL) amazing presale performance.

Solana (SOL)

Bulls and bears were engaged in an intense war for control of Solana (SOL), which was hovering near the crucial level of $122. The extended wick on the last week of March candlestick suggested that the token was selling at greater levels, but the bears were unable to keep the price below $122 on the first day of April.

This shows that the bulls acted quickly and forcefully when the little downturn occurred. Buyers and investors have pushed the price over the overhead resistance level of $122, signalling the beginning of a potential new rise.

The SOL/USDT pair is presently poised to challenge the 200-day simple moving average SMA ($150). If bulls will be able to break through this resistance, the next step might be 163 USD.

If, on the other hand, the price is unable to maintain a sustained level over $122, it will signal that demand at higher levels has dwindled. The currencies could perhaps then slide to the 20-day exponential moving average EMA ($103).

The current price of Solana’s token SOL is 133 USD

Calyx Token (CLX)

Calyx Token (CLX) is a new cryptocurrency technology that is expected to be one of the rising stars in the cryptocurrency market in the latter part of 2022, entirely driven by the community.

It has currently opened up the doors to the first (of three) presale slots.

The network’s focus will be on dApps (decentralised apps) liquidity. It goes without saying that liquidity is at the core of the success of any DeFi application (or decentralised application). Many projects have amazing and original ideas that have the potential to transform the way we use and think about technology, but they do not have the resources to see those ideas through to completion, because they lack the necessary funding. Calyx Network (CLX) is hopeful that it will be able to aid in this endeavour.

Calyx‘s creators have chosen to stay in anonymity (like Bitcoin’s pseudonym and Shiba Inu). Anonymity in innovation Networks is not necessarily a “red flag”.

A complete white paper for Calyx Token (CLX) has been produced, and the project’s ambition is evident throughout. Currently, CLX appears to be a promising cryptocurrency to follow.

Find out more information on the Parody Coin Website, Telegram or Twitter.  You can also find more about presale here 

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