Leading Decentralized Freelance Marketplace, CryptoTask Moves to Tezos

Today, CryptoTask, announced it will migrate to the secure and upgradable Tezos blockchain.

  • CryptoTask, a DeFree application with over 35,000 users and over 100 daily sign-ups, has chosen Tezos to accelerate its decentralized marketplace for the future of work.
  • CryptoTask is paving the way to Decentralized Freelancing (DeFree) on Tezos.

Today, CryptoTask, the largest decentralized freelance market, announced it will migrate to the secure and upgradable Tezos blockchain. CryptoTask will further develop its decentralized freelance marketplace features using the scalable and energy-efficient solutions of Tezos blockchain. 

“It's a memorable day that we have been waiting for months now. CryptoTask on Tezos will disrupt freelancing as we know it. The platform and our users will hugely benefit from the Tezos blockchain through low gas fees, smarter smart contracts, and low energy consumption. We can't wait for our users to see and feel the change Tezos is bringing to our freelance marketplace,”

shared  Ivan, Co-Founder of CryptoTask. 

With over 35 000 users, a sign-up rate of 100 users daily, 100+ daily transactions, and high-quality job ads, CryptoTask is among the fastest-growing decentralized freelance marketplaces. To maintain its growth, CryptoTask demanded a secure and scalable solution to support the seamless user experience with the marketplace. With its secure and upgradable nature, the Tezos protocol is the perfect solution for the CryptoTask platform. 

Building on Tezos will allow the CryptoTask team to further develop essential features like automated instant payout settlement, P2P job matching, FIAT on-ramps, and opening accessible digital wallets. As the complexity of our platform grows, we are delighted to base our smart contract infrastructure on Tezos. 

The global pandemic has increased the demand for freelance marketplaces that can seamlessly connect employers to experienced freelancers; however, issues in the two-sided marketplaces around transparency, cost, and reliability have slowed the growth of these platforms beyond the demand for them. CryptoTask currently operates with 0% fees for all users, with a transparent escrow payment system. Unlike other job boards specializing in blockchain-related openings, CryptoTask is inclusive and attracts companies and specialists from different fields across regions and continents. 

Tezos is one of the first and longest running Proof of Stake blockchains. Network activity on Tezos has grown 1,200 percent this year due in part to its energy-efficient design and ease of use. Tezos has verified and tested smart contracts that can handle the complexities that builders demand. Tezos has undergone six network upgrades to reduce gas fees, improve token standards, increase transaction speed, and more. Upgrades on Tezos are made possible by on-chain governance where continuous improvements are proposed, adopted, and deployed without forks

About CryptoTask:

CryptoTask is the first fair freelance marketplace. We strongly believe in creating a more just freelancing ecosystem, and help freelancers do what they do best while enabling them a stress-free environment where they can earn more and be paid faster. We are solving online freelancing problems by utilizing smart contracts enabling very low fees, scalable dispute resolution systems, instant payments, and more. Our main advantages are scalability and focus on high-quality UX so that users have no need to install 3rd party plugins and wallets. We are the biggest job market powered by blockchain with 30,000 users.

About Tezos:

Tezos is smart money, redefining what it means to hold and exchange value in a digitally connected world. A self-upgradable and energy-efficient blockchain with a proven track record, Tezos seamlessly adopts tomorrow’s innovations without network disruptions today. For more information, please visit tezos.com

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