How Does New $4 Million Cryptocurrency GryffinDAO Compare With Blockchain Networks Like Cosmos and Filecoin?

Bitcoin introduced several proposals in its whitepaper in 2009 about managing people’s finances more efficiently than the existing traditional system.

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Bitcoin introduced several proposals in its whitepaper in 2009 about managing people’s finances more efficiently than the existing traditional system. In reality, however, Bitcoin and many other crypto projects lack the essential features necessary for ensuring price stability.
Some of the limitations of crypto include:

  • Governance protocol
  • Price volatility
  • Token circulation
  • Security of user’s assets

These limitations led to the development of stablecoin to enable users to have a good store of value and carry out their business with crypto without a fluctuation in price. But unfortunately, the problem still lingers as stablecoin like USDT is still pegged to the US dollar. This means it follows the dollar’s inflation.


As a result, this asset is still subject to central government policies. GryffinDAO carefully observes these trends and proposes to provide a lasting solution in the crypto world.

GryffinDAO is borne out of necessity to solve some limitations of the existing crypto project. GryffinDAO aims to create a deflationary rebase ecosystem with the GDAO as its native token.

This project strives to maintain the value of crypto by keeping its price steady or making it appreciate over time. This project will adopt some technological model to achieve an ecosystem that satisfies the basic needs of its users.

GryffinDAO will be established on the Binance Smart chain, which guarantees a fast and secured transaction at a cheaper fee.


Furthermore, GryffinDAO will adopt world-class technology that will facilitate an effective platform. The platform will ensure all holders of its token have the authority to decide on policies that will lead to the development of the ecosystem.

GryffinDAO Services

  • Staking: Users lock their assets in the pool for some specific period, then earn reward points in the form of GDAO. The size of tokens locked in the liquidity pools will determine the number of rewards they receive.
  • GryffinDAO also adopts a proof-of-stake protocol, allowing stakers to validate transactions instead of a computer. This protocol yields fast transactions and more rewards for the users.
  • Bonding: This is another technique in the GryffinDAO ecosystem to incentivize its users and increase the treasury of the platform.

Bond sales are another attractive opportunity for users to make gains in the market. Users can earn from either of the three market trends: Uptrend market, flat market, or downtrend market.

GryffinDAO Token (GDAO)

The native token of the GryffinDAO ecosystem is known as GDAO, providing several utilities to its users. Holders can sell it on any exchange, hold it as an investment or use it to purchase NFTs on the platform.

This token can also be used to vote on decisions within the GryffinDAO ecosystem. Some portion of the token will be used to fulfill some responsibilities like future initiatives and marketing.

Cosmos Token (ATOM)

Cosmos is a Blockchain project that aims to link various blockchain networks together to facilitate data sharing and interoperability. ATOM is the utility token of this blockchain network, which holders can stake and earn rewards.

The most active stakers will have the privilege of becoming a validator and also the right to vote on policies. Also, Cosmos adopt a proof-of-stake protocol, allowing stakers to earn more rewards from the network’s block and transaction fees.

Filecoin Token (FIL)

Protocol Labs created Filecoin, a peer-to-peer decentralized network ledger that allows users to store their information. This project leverages decentralization’s power, making it resistant to censorship or hacking.

This platform uses a native token known as FIL, based on the Filecoin network. The token allows users to participate in peer-to-peer transactions and create storage vaults or retrieval nodes.

Filecoin architecture operates as a dual node network that includes; the storage node and retrieval node. The storage node stores information on the network, while the retrieval node gets information for users upon request. Also, the fastest retrieval nodes will be rewarded.

However, GryffinDAO outclassed these two projects with its fascinating features that include:

  1. Ensuring stability in the price of cryptocurrencies.
  2. Adopting a fully decentralized protocol through its DAO allows users to vote on policies.
  3. Allowing tokenholders to purchase NFTs with its coin.

Finally, the GryffinDAO project is well embedded with numerous features, making it the best cryptocurrency to buy now. Get involved now and take full advantage of all it offers.

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