GCR and Leornicorn Swap Unlock a Golden Opportunity for Users

As Leornicorn and GCR proceed with further integration of the chain and token into the platform

Often times pursuit of security and innovation are seen as polar opposite endeavors. However, the strategic partnership between Gold Coin Reserve (GCR) and Leornicorn Swap tells a different story.
To begin understanding how powerful this partnership is and what it signifies it’s important to recognize the following points as key fixtures in crypto today:

User experience – Users want a seamless experience when trading, staking and swapping. Right now the experience often puts a lot of burden of information on users and often times they can’t do all of the actions they want on a single platform or the liquidity is simply not there.


Safety – Crypto is a new space, thus there are many vectors of attacks that malicious actors can take.

As of the time of writing this piece, one of the biggest hacks in crypto history has occurred. The popular crypto game Axie Infinity, which uses NFTs as in-game usable characters, was hacked for over $600 million in $ETH and $USDC. An exploit targeting the Ronin bridge was used as a means to target the project.

Market uncertainty – A war in Ukraine, supply chain disruptions, a possible recession, new crypto regulations announced seemingly every day. As a backdrop it may leave both businesses and traders alike having mixed feelings.

On one hand it seems that most traders understand the value of a mixed risk profile portfolio in times of uncertainty, but also great opportunities are few and far between in the market if one wants to minimize risk but also have high upside potential.



Enter in Leornicorn Swap and GCR

The ability to trade asset backed peer to peer assets, is a complete game changer from various perspectives.

To begin with – by allowing users to easily trade and swap between assets a functionality that Leornicorn Swap excels at, and by allowing them to “park” their hard earned wealth into the GCR token backed by real gold out of Australia.

This merger of risk on and risk off customer experiences on a single platform allows for a seamless and one of kind user experience.

Additionally the safety aspect has also been integrated into the joint platform. As GCR has been built to meet institutional – central bank level security requirements and complies with European regulation, GCR offers users a safe haven for their assets converted into GCR token form and also provides a high APY as a further incentive.

Last but not least the users need for clarity in times of market uncertainty, is met by both Leornicorn Swap being a decentralized P2P market maker in combination with the fully compliant GCR chain. Thanks to the partnership both projects have the ability to offer incentives and opportunities never before seen in the market.


What’s Next?

As Leornicorn swap and GCR proceed with further integration of the GCR chain and token into the Leornicorn platform, many interesting avenues open for exploration:

From onboarding real asset backed NFTs onto the platform and providing them a savvy community to interact with to onboarding tokens and projects from many avenues such as DeFi, NFT, GameFi and others.

As far as partnerships go, the one between Leornicorn swap and GCR has managed to mix two worlds that operate at different speeds, but together allow for a powerful and unique trading, staking and swapping experience.

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