Encryption Consulting announces their first-ever virtual conference – “Encryption Consulting Virtual conference 2021.”

Is Applied cryptography your passion? Then, you’ve come to the right place, Encryption Consulting has something for you. Encryption consulting is hosting the first ever Encryption Consulting Virtual Conference 2021 on Nov 3rd and 4th, 2021. #ECconference2021

Encryption Consulting’s Virtual Conference 2021 will provide you with an opportunity to keep up with widespread changes in cryptography, PKI, Encryption, Data protection, Cloud key management, and other cryptography-related topics. The event is a unique, technical event that brings together cyber security leaders worldwide.

There will be 30 minute presentations from 18 experts at leading global companies such as Thales, Protigrity, Entrust, Comforte, DigiCert, AppviewX, Primekey, Utimaco, FutureX, Fortanix, Akeyless, and many other reputed and leading organizations. There will also be a live Q&A session after the presentation on the virtual conference day.

Hurry up and register for your favorite topic(s).

  • PKI for IoT Security
  • Flexible Crypto with Uncompromised Trust: Security to Meet Your Business Needs
  • PKI in an evolving world
  • Enterprise Best Practices: Data Made Worthless in the Wrong Hands and Brought to Life in Yours
  • Cryptography and Privileged Access Management
  • Securing the Smart City: PKI and Data Encryption for IoT
  • Multicloud Data Security: Simplifying Key Management, Encryption, Tokenization, and Secrets Across Public, Hybrid and Private Cloud
  • Building a Quantum-Safe Environment
  • Next-Gen Root-Of-Trust For Full Scale Secrets Management
  • Code Signing
  • How a Comprehensive, Next-Gen Machine Identity Platform simplifies Security and Operations
  • Encrypt Anywhere, Authenticate Everywhere – Advancing Key Orchestration
  • Are remote signatures repudiable?
  • Leveraging automation for unified PKI Governance
  • The power of convergence and consolidation with Next-Gen high-performance HSMs
  • PKI: The Security Solution for the Internet of Things (IoT)

We also have hands-on lab sessions scheduled on Nov 3rd and 4th, 2021 for our code signing tool (CodeSign Secure 3.0) and deploying a PKI on an AWS environment.

On the Flipside:

  • This encryption consulting virtual webinar is a great idea BUT they require you to provide a “business email address” to register. Public email addresses such as Gmail or Outlook don’t work.
  • That means freelance developers, blockchain start-up, crypto content writers…etc. will not be able to attend – that’s a pretty big misstep in our humble opinion.


Why You Should Care:

Remember that the “crypto” in cryptocurrency stands for encryption. There is a growing buzz building that “quantum computing” could be a way to hack seemingly unhackable crypto algorithms. While still years off, developments within the encryption field will be necessary to watch for anyone that’s invested in crypto.


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