DarleyGo IDO Successfully Raises $1.6 M, Started on Raydium, More Exchanges to Follow

DarleyGo, the Solana based horse racing NFT game developed for enthusiasts, gamers and the public had recently held its IDO on Solanium.

DarleyGo, the Solana based horse racing NFT game developed for enthusiasts, gamers and the public had recently held its IDO (Initial DEX Offering) on Solanium. The success of the IDO ($1.6 million in sales) is a testament to the commitment by the DarleyGo team and the solid belief by its backers of what it brings to the market.

Achieving Goals

With 20 million DGE set aside for the IDO, the process started on 7th March as whitelisting began. Within the 48 hours that led to the IDO, a massive influx of $1.6 million worth of the tokens were acquired by backers, showing a solid belief in the project and its potential.


The massive success is more pronounced if you take into account the market situation, where many cryptos have taken a beating. Worse still, the Solana network has been facing technical issues and congestion. Even in these testing and tiring times, DaleyGo has been able to outshine many other projects.

How successful was it overall? Considering the fact that nearly $1.6 million were raised (including liquidity support) and less than $5,000 allocations were left unclaimed (transaction failures or lack of KYC completion), this represents a near-perfect success!

The DarleyGo team hasn’t rested since the IDO as it knows that its patrons have a lot to look forward to. As of March 17th March, DGE has been listed on the DEX Raydium, allowing anyone interested to swap in and out of the token. Other major exchanges are already being considered to open the gates to NFT horse ownership and racing as much as possible.


The DarleyGo Essence(DGE)

DarleyGo utilizes a dual token system, with an in-game GXE and the governance and utility DGE. DGE holders can use the tokens for a variety of purposes, including buying in-game items from the marketplace, staking, breeding horses, racing event fees and even as a governance option to have a say in the future direction and services of the platform.


The in-game token, the GXE will be primarily used within the different gaming modes, including buying and selling of assets within the game. Winners of different events will also be rewarded with GXE.


Mythical Horses from Altair

DarleyGo is a Solana based virtual horse racing game that uses blockchain and NFT to leverage the power of decentralization and employ the infamous Play to Earn (P2E) concept that allows players to make realistic and practical money as they play games.

Set on the mythical planet of Altair, DarleyGo’s storyline centers around horses as the dominant species. With three major tribes, the Altair horses come together every year in a global competition to see which horse is the champion.

As a DarleyGo player, you can select any of the three tribes as yours at the start and take part in the different game modes :

  • Racing: Compete your steed against other horses in multiple and different events. Every event will see the top three winners being rewarded in the DarleyGo tokens. Participating in higher-level events will lead to more rewards.
  • Breeding: Mating two horses will result in offspring that will have statistics depending on their lineage. Players can become a part of a breeding community (Stud Farm) or remain independent.
  • Training: Use the open environment of DarleyGo to meld with your horse. Perform different tasks or train with another player to level up your steed.

A pioneer of horse racing on the Solana blockchain, DarleyGo is a beautifully crafted decentralized game for horse enthusiasts, race fans and players to be finally able to own a digital horse.

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