Crypto Legends – The Shiba Brothers Tommy & James Next Big Pick – Legends of Bezogia

The Shiba Brothers have teamed up on a new startup, an innovative play-to-earn game in the metaverse – Legends of Bezogia, created by Bezoge Earth. On a tip from a friend, the brothers invested $7,900 in the Shiba Inu crypto coin and quickly became multi-millionaires! Their story went viral, connecting them to an elite network of Crypto pioneers that provided them with insight into the trends happening in the Cryptoverse. Inspired by what they learned about the NFT marketplace and their love of gaming, they decided to join the GameFi Bezoge Earth project. The brothers believe that this could be the next Shiba Inu of the crypto universe.

Legends of Bezogia is a virtual world with player-owned economies. The hook for players in the “GameFi” community is that it is a new online frontier where “decentralized finance” brings together cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and video gaming. The collected digital tokens won in the game have the potential to convert into NFT in-game items with real-world value. The game is currently in the Alpha testing stage. It is available on PC with Android, Mac, and iOS versions coming soon.

The goal of these revolutionary games is to reach millions of players globally. Legends of Bezogia is one of the fastest-growing games, even just in the Alpha testing phase. It has transcended traditional games using blockchain, technology, and incentive design, evolving into a complex digital nation. Legends of Bezogia has attracted thousands of fans. Including celebrities and athletes. NFL Superstars Antonio Brown of the world champion Buccaneers and Hall of Fame legend Warren Sapp, who was brought onto the project by founders of The Global Incubator ( Cole Moye and Kamil Blaszczak.

The game features NFT (Non- Fungible – Tokens) Bezogis, who look cute on the outside, but behind those adorable puppy eyes are fearsome warriors that pillage the lands of Bezogia to find blocks to mint mythical weapons and summon more Bezogi. Players build their collection of Bezogi warriors, mint cool, innovative weapons, and pillage resources, all using cutting-edge Blockchain technology. The difference between NFTs you read about in the art world and the GameFi NFTs is that the characters have real in-game utility to do things and interact with other characters while gaining skills. In the game, you will be able to lease out your characters and sell them to other players to earn a profit.

The growth of the Bezoge Earth token has been exponential due to the connection between the games and digital wallets. In 3 months, market watchers have seen a 599% increase in the crypto gaming sector, while Bezoge Earth has seen a drastic increase of over 1000% in the same period with plenty of potential for future growth compared to market caps of other play to earn gaming tokens.

The Bezoge community is building the game, so instead of just being players, they are part of the company making decisions and participating in creating the game.

Since its inception, the Bezoge Earth token has gained close to 19,000 holders, and it is becoming a leader in the play to earn category.

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