Crypto art that touches you: NIVEA Launches Free NFT Art About the Value of Touch

Skincare brand NIVEA is tapping into the connected world of NFTs (non-fungible token) to showcase the value of touch through digital art. NIVEA believes in the importance of touch for mental and physical health, putting the accessibility of touch for all in the spotlight through a limited edition of a NIVEA NFT art piece that is available for free.

Non-fungible touch

The first NFT created with touch. Credit: Nivea, Alex Telfer (PRNewsfoto/Beiersdorf AG)

NFT technology normally allows people to trade and own high-value tokens like art, collectibles, or real estate via cryptocurrencies and has recently become increasingly popular in the art world. With the “Value of Touch”, NIVEA wants to bring attention to the power of touch, using NFTs to discuss the value society currently attributes to it, and to spark a discussion about how touch can be valuable and powerful, even if freely available to all.

The artist behind NIVEA’s NFT art piece is Clarissa Baldassarri, an Italian visual artist who suffered from temporary visual impairment early on in her career as a painter. The limitations she experienced inspired her to rediscover art through what she calls a conscious touch.

NIVEA’s NFT art will be minted on Polygon and will be available as a limited edition for free via a dedicated NIVEA website. NIVEA is the first mass brand to offer free NFTs that represent the value of touch.

Touch with purpose

When loneliness takes up more space in people’s lives, human touch and feeling connected to others can make a fundamental difference. “The Value of Touch” is part of NIVEA´s brand purpose “Care for Human Touch to Inspire Togetherness”, launched in January 2021. Through this the brand supports human touch projects to promote the quality of life for people at risk of loneliness. By 2025, NIVEA aims to globally invest 20 million Euro in human touch projects with positive impact on the individual health and well-being of more than 150.000 people. Ultimately, each of these project outcomes cater to a strengthened sense of human connectedness and resilience, and thereby alleviates feelings of loneliness.

NIVEA´s “The Value of Touch” NFT art can be claimed for free at

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