Can FIREPIN Join EOS and Bancor in Raising Record Funding Through Presales?

FIREPIN, a new cryptocurrency with great fundamentals.

FIREPIN, a new cryptocurrency with great fundamentals, is offering its highly sought-after FRPN token during its ongoing presale. The project has ambitious plans to build NFT, 3D, and metaverse games. NFTs and the metaverse have taken the crypto world by storm, and their adoption is expected to grow in the future. Could this work in the favour of FIREPIN and help it imitate the success achieved by EOS and Bancor in the funding rounds?
There is no doubt that presales are the gateways for both retail and institutional investors to back projects with the potential to give them great returns. The projects enter the presale round with great ideas and seek funding to build their products that benefit humanity and early investors.

There are no investors who have a crystal ball to see the future. However, historical data can be used to look past successful presales and what they mean for investors. This should help you to make your when it comes to participating in FIREPIN’s presale.

EOS – The Biggest ICO of All Time

EOS is one of the most recognizable initial coin offerings of all time because of the success it found in its crowdfunding campaign. The goal of EOS was to create a platform that allows developers to build business DApps (decentralised applications) with ease. EOS raised $4.1 billion in a year-long ICO to work toward that goal.


EOS’ price performed well after the presale as it reached a high of around $22 in April 2018. The project is armed with a war chest of cash that enables it to expand, grow, and if necessary, outlive cyclical bear markets.


Bancor is interesting in the sense that it managed to raise $153 million in 3 hours from a slew of investors that include Blockchain Capital and Tim Draper. Bancor is a decentralized protocol that allows its users to earn with single token exposure. It was the first DeFi protocol and has enjoyed its first-mover advantage.

What Does it Mean for FIREPIN?

FIREPIN has the potential to be a successful project during its presale stage and in the long run for early investors. The team is creating a community-focused project open to everyone, everywhere.


FIREPIN is leveraging blockchain technology and DeFi features to allow users to earn while exploring the metaverse and non-fungible tokens. The extra layers of benefits to users include farming and staking options.

FIREPIN is creating an NFT marketplace that will cater to both experienced and novice enthusiasts who will be able to search, mint, buy, sell, store, and flip NFTs.

In short, FIREPIN is optimized for present cryptocurrency trends and still has the potential to adapt to future trends. It is one of the best projects to back and watch your investment gain in value.

Who Should Participate in the FIREPIN presale?

FIREPIN believes that people from all corners of the world should have the opportunity to invest in crypto projects at an early stage without favour or prejudice. It aims at retail investors who want to invest in a project that brings value to the world while playing a crucial role in accelerating global crypto adoption.

FIREPIN will have a DAO and this will give FRPN token holders the chance to vote on major decisions concerning the platform. Therefore, investors should have the best interest of the project at heart as their voting power could influence the direction the project will take.

Institutional investors are also welcome to back the project and contribute to its growth. The goal for the presale is for FIREPIN to have enough capital to ramp its development and marketing strategies so that it meets its goals outlined in the roadmap.

This is an opportunity for investors who want to hold an appreciating FRPN token in the short or long term. The investing goal is in your court.

Find out more information on the FIREPIN WebsiteTelegramInstagram or Twitter.  You can also find more about presale here.

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