3 Crypto Tokens With Unique Use Cases: RoboApe, LooksRare, and Green Satoshi Token

The majority of the most popular tokens in the cryptocurrency market have the main use case of being an exchange and investment medium only. Bitcoin is a huge network, yet BTC is only used as an exchange and investment medium in different places.

The majority of the most popular tokens in the cryptocurrency market have the main use case of being an exchange and investment medium only. Bitcoin is a huge network, yet BTC is only used as an exchange and investment medium in different places. Ethereum is also the top altcoin in the cryptocurrency market. Ether (ETH) serves as an exchange and investment cryptocurrency on the network.
New cryptocurrency projects coming up in the crypto space are trying new ways to give investors the best of multiple worlds by letting them invest and still use their tokens for other use cases such as governance, staking rewards, and many more. There are lots of projects with this scope, and RoboApe (RBA), LooksRare (LOOKS) and Green Satoshi Token (GST) are great examples of such cryptocurrencies.

What is RoboApe (RBA) bringing to the crypto industry? 

RoboApe (RBA) is a new next-level meme coin project for the cryptocurrency market. Founded and developed by innovative minds, RoboApe aims to fix and adjust some of the economic defects in the cryptocurrency sphere while giving users a chance to try out multiple options in the ecosystem. RoboApe is a decentralised community-driven project that switches up the present mechanisms of the crypto world.


Addressing economic shackles, RBA is a project that looks to help its users grow with its rewarding culture and sustainable community development. The RoboApe ecosystem is diverse, with many options for the users to choose from.

This ecosystem is the key to unlocking more economic opportunities for crediting, lending, and liquidity by promoting peer-to-peer economy and community governance. This ecosystem consists of decentralised finance (DeFi), decentralised exchange (DEX), an education system, an NFT marketplace, the project’s token, and an eSports gaming system.

The token of the RoboApe platform is RBA. It is an ERC-20 meme token created on the Ethereum platform. It is a deflationary token that powers the RoboApe ecosystem with multiple use cases. They include carrying out exchanges and transactions in the system, minting and trading on the NFT marketplaces, holding and staking incentives, and participating in the eSports section of the RoboApe ecosystem with ease.

LooksRare (LOOKS) is not your regular cryptocurrency project. It is a community-first decentralised NFT marketplace that rewards the different categories of users for participating on the platform. The user range includes traders, token stakers, collectors, and creators. LooksRare aims to take over OpenSea as the top NFT marketplace in the crypto space.


LOOKS is the LooksRare marketplace native token. Powering the project, it has multiple use cases. They include staking as users can actively and passively stake their LOOKS. Another is rewards, as the LOOKS token is used to give back to active users and creators by earning LOOKS after participating. LOOKS is also used to carry out major transactions on the platform.

Green Satoshi Token (GST) powers the new move-to-earn project 

Green Satoshi Token (GST) is the native token of the STEPN project. STEPN is a Web 3.0 app created to help users gain rewards for living a healthy lifestyle of jogging and working outdoors.

GST is the token that powers the STEPN platform. It works using the move-to-earn paradigm. So, as the users keep moving, they earn Green Satoshi Token (GST). GST is a token based on the Solana platform and is used to make in-app purchases and transactions on the blockchain.

The new cryptocurrency projects are conveniently trying new approaches to blockchain technology, and investing in the promising ones is potentially one of the best decisions. To start with RoboApe (RBA), you can learn more or join the ongoing presale using the links below.

To find out more about RodoApe visit official website or Telegram. To find out more about the presale, click here.

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