My Neighbor Alice Alpha Season 2 Is Live: Everything Players Can Expect

My Neighbor Alice announced the Alpha Season 2 release date for December 14, 2022, and has introduced numerous new features.

My Neighbor Alice Alpha Season 2 Teased Everything Players Can Expect
  • My Neighbor Alice Alpha Season 2 will run from December 14, 2022, to February 14, 2022, and will only be accessible through owners of the Lummelunda Archipelago land.
  • Season 2 introduces the Community Quest system, open-world gameplay, new avatar styles, and a farming system.

The development team behind My Neighbor Alice teased the Alpha Season 2 update through a video on the official YouTube page for the game.

Season 2 brings numerous changes, and from the customization standpoint, there are new in-game wearables.

Everything New in Alpha Season 2

Some key wearables introduced include the Bridal Gown, Farmer Johan Costume, Azure Blue Dress, Continental Tanned Costume, Scandinavian Bunad, a Wedding Suit, a Sky Blue Costume, as well as others.


Fishing and farming as core gameplay mechanics have also been introduced, alongside open-world exploration.

Land management is another mechanic and part of the farming system. Each player must put down seeds, water them, wait for them to grow, and eventually harvest them.

The game also introduced Community Quest, a mechanic in which players will receive quests they can complete for a specific reward.


The featured quest in the video is called “Let’s Go Fishing,” where, as the name implies, a player needs to get a fishing rod and go through the nearest water to hunt down fish.

My Neighbor Alice is a game developed by Antler Interactive, with a gameplay cycle involving players needing to build and create their virtual lands, after which they can interact with neighbors and earn rewards.

On the Flipside

  • Little information surrounding the changes in Alpha Season 2 has been announced outside of the YouTube video. This has left players guessing what else will be introduced.

Why You Should Care

My Neighbor Alice has undergone numerous developments and updates throughout its time in the crypto space. These range from introducing its official marketplace in July to hosting Land sales and other events.

It is also clear that the project is healthy and that the team is taking things seriously. They are introducing new gameplay mechanics, wearables, and an open world for players to explore.

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