Joe Biden’s Government is Mining Bitcoin, Says White House Adviser

  • The Information was disclosed by bitcoin mining expert and government advisor Whit Gibbs during an interview.
  • The expert argues that countries like El Salvador are on the right track by integrating Bitcoin into their economies.
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren has put pressure on the New York miner, claiming his operations impact climate change.

Cryptocurrency expert and White House adviser Whit Gibbs disclosed that Joe Biden’s government has been mining bitcoin. Gibbs, who is also the CEO of Compass Mining, made the reveal during an interview on Anthony Pompliano’s “Best Business Show” on Wednesday, December 1st. 

During a conversation about the countries that are currently mining bitcoin, the United States came up by accident. The interview also spoke about the mining activities being carried out by El Salvador as well as by the Venezuelan government. 

When Pompliano asked Gibbs what the U.S. would need in order to start mining operations for the so-called digital gold, the interviewee clearly stated that, “America is already exploding,” but quickly corrected himself slipping in the word “maybe” as a softener.

“They can have 10 to 20 watts running somewhere in the Midwest to test it. Maybe. It's hypothetically speaking,"

said the bitcoin mining expert slyly, while clarifying that the issue was one of national security.

According to Gibbs, mining bitcoin could help developing countries to improve their living standards. to the mind of U.S. government advisor, the bitcoin plan that El Salvador has carried out will lead to positive results within the next 20 to 30 years.

Pompliano took up the issue of bitcoin mining being carried out by the federal government and mentioned that a federal agency was involved in mining BTC.

On the Flipside

  • Instead of requesting approval for a budget to mine bitcoins, which would prove difficult to obtain, the agency scrambled to add more computers, dedicated to cryptocurrency mining, to its operations.

Pompliano highlighted that the mining activity has been taking place in the United States since 2013, according to information provided to him by a former intelligence agent, who did not share his identity.

Afterwards, the interviewer invited Gibbs to share any other incredible stories with his viewers, to which the expert responded, smiling: “This is how you get in trouble.”


Senator Elizabeth Warren launches repressive campaign against BTC mining

Meanwhile, influential Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren has lobbied against a bitcoin mining company in New York due to the impact its operations have on climate change.

Warren is heading up a campaign seeking to eliminate cryptocurrency mining in the country. In a letter sent to Jeff Kirt, CEO of Greenidge Generation Holdings, the senator informed them of the concerns around the company’s operations.

For his part, Kirt calls himself the first carbon neutral BTC miner in the United States. The businessman owns a TBC mine in New York state and plans to build another in South Carolina.

“Given the extraordinarily high energy use and carbon emissions associated with mining Bitcoin, mining operations at Greenidge and other plants raise concerns about their impacts on the global environment, local ecosystems, and the electricity costs of the country. consumer,"

Warren wrote in her letter, sent on Thursday 2nd.

Why You Should Care

  • While Joe Biden’s Democratic government is mining bitcoins to cover its huge tax bill, lawmakers, led by Elizabeth Warren, are considerably more concerned about the environmental impact cutting and are considering banning mining.

Kirt has since responded to the senator, insisting that the company “meets all of the nation’s leading environmental standards of New York, provides economic opportunity to an under-served area of ​​the state, and is a model for cryptocurrency mining with broad local support.”

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