Gala (GALA): Price Updates, Recent Developments, Future Events, Community

Launched in July 2019, Gala reportedly had over a million gamers waiting for the launch of games while actively participating in Town Star.

  • Blockchain gaming project Gala Games has stolen headlines, partnering with American rapper Snoop Dogg to launch his new album.
  • Gala also confirmed the allocation of $5 billion for the expansion of its ecosystem.
  • Spider Tanks and Legends Reborn are two highly anticipated games set to launch soon in the Gala ecosystem.
  • Gala (GALA) has been one of the best performers of February, gaining 90% in value over the last seven days.

Determined to change the direction of the gaming industry, Gala was launched to give players control over their games back. Gala has been capitalizing on non-fungible tokens, allowing gamers to own and use NFTs to control in-game assets and characters.

Launched in July 2019, Gala reportedly had over one million gamers awaiting the launch of games while actively participating in Town Star. With eight games yet to launch, let’s take a look at how has Gala has been performed lately.

Price Updates

While February has been a good month for the entire crypto community, Gala  (GALA) has been one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies this month, doubling the stakes of its investors. 


Over the last seven days, the price of Gala has risen by 90%. After a blistering performance that saw the token set a 30-day high at $0.3928, GALA experienced a slight correction of 5% over the last 24 hours. 

Now trading at $0.347175 as of this writing, Gala is ranked as the 52nd largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of $2.42 billion.

Recent Developments

With the adoption of non-fungible tokens on the rise, we have seen many celebrities dip their toes into digital art. The decentralized record company of the Gala ecosystem, Gala Music, recently announced a partnership with legendary American rapper Snoop Dogg.


Gala Music announced that it would be joining the rapper in launching his new album ‘Bacc on Death Row’ on its blockchain. In addition to this, 1/17 tracks from the album are being sold as NFTs in Stash Boxes. The boxes are available now in limited supply and for a limited time, starting at $5,000.

To further expand its presence in the NFT sector, Gala announced that it would be allocating $5 billion to gaming, music, movies, and theme park NFTs over the next 12 months. 

$2 billion from the fund is expected to go into its gaming sector. A further $ 1 billion will be committed to the studio’s music ambitions, while another $1 billion will be for movies. Finally, the Gala theme park NFTs are expected to receive the remaining $1 billion.

Future Events

Having already attracted some of the best GameFi projects available, Gala recently announced that the award-winning Netherlands-based gaming company, GAMEDIA, had started building a new game, ‘Spider Tanks,’ for the Gala ecosystem.

Spider Tanks is a free PVP Brawler game in which players choose between several Tank Bodies and Weapons in the garage before battling it out with other players in different areas on the map. The game is currently in its Beta development stage, and the presale is currently live.

Another anticipated addition to the games on the network is ‘Legends Reborn.’ In this collectible card game, players build collections and refine their Creatures to battle foes for treasure in the world of Tolkien. With the presale already taking place, members of the Gala community are keenly anticipate the launch of these games.

The team behind Gala is looking to build on the success of its gaming platform with new partnerships and technological leaps. According to the team, GalaChain, the proprietary blockchain of Gala, is in the late stages of development.

The project’s migration to GalaChain is currently one of the most awaited events in the Gala community. The mainnet is expected to drastically reduce network fees and solve many other problems attributed to Ethereum. 

On the Flipside

  • Despite its undeniable successes, some users have been left unimpressed due to most of the ecosystem’s games still being in the production phase.
  • Of the nine games that have been announced in the Gala ecosystem, Town Star is the only one currently ready for gamers to play.


Its mission of creating blockchain games “you’ll actually want to play” has made Gala one of the most community centric-projects in the sector.

Its main premise of giving power back to players has not only made Gala one of the most active blockchain gaming platforms today, but also given the project a strong, vocal community on social media.

The community holds out optimism for GALA, the native token of the ecosystem, with @Hisham97147403 making the following prediction about GALA:

Another user, Ronnie10xBags wrote:

Reacting to the partnership with Snoop Dogg, Myrtle Anne, a CoinMarketCap influencer, wrote:

Social media accounts: Twitter (308.8K), Discord (142.9K), Facebook (38K), Youtube (19.3K).

Why You Should Care

The $30 billion play-to-earn (P2E) gaming sector is growing rapidly, and Gala is positioning itself to snap up a significant portion of the market by allocating $5 billion for the expansion of its ecosystem.

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