Find Out Why Experts Choose Gnox Token (GNOX), Chainlink (LINK) and Stellar (XLM)

When the market is flooded with thousands of cryptocurrencies, it can be hard to decipher where to start. The emerging blockchain technology is here to stay, regardless of market volatility. Crypto experts are of the opinion that high-potential projects like Chainlink, Stellar, and Gnox will see green days, once the market resumes the uptrend. Let’s find out why.

ChainLink (LINK)

Given the rising demand for decentralized products, Chainlink has positioned itself as an industry-leading oracle network. It securely integrates real-world data, off-chain computation, and centralized activities into smart contracts. Some big names like FedEx, Google Cloud,  Binance, and Oracle have partnered with Chainlink to support the growth of the ecosystem

The value of its native asset, LINK is directly connected to the demand for data, as it is primarily used to pay for Chainlink Nodes. However, the use case is not only limited to ensuring data accuracy and network security. Staking will also have an effect on the token demand, as it will create scarcity with time.

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox is a DeFi earning protocol powered by a self-accruing reflection token. In a first, a platform will invest its own treasury assets in safe DeFi protocols to redistribute a share of rewards to GNOX token holders. That’s like providing “Yield farming as service” to investors with no additional risks that are generally associated with DeFi strategies.

In addition to that, a multichain aggregator pool is being developed that will enable yield farmers to track their investments and evaluate the risks involved in various protocols. The community will greatly benefit from the regenerating treasury, as it will open the door to more passive gains by just holding GNOX in an eligible wallet.

Stellar (XLM)

Stellar is a distributed ledger network that connects people, banks, and payments to facilitate cheap and fast transfer of value. Unlike their biggest competitor Ripple, Stellar is backed by a non-profit organization, free of regulatory risks.

The primary focus of XLM is to become a currency of the global remittance system, with negligible time lags and transaction costs. The traditional cross-border transfer system is too slow and expensive, and Stellar aims to remove the intermediaries for faster processing. At the current price, it is highly undervalued, and many experts see it as a great alternative to XRP.

Find out more about Gnox by visiting the official websiteTelegramDiscord or Twitter. Learn more about the presale by clicking here.

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