Does Uniglo (GLO) Have Potential To Gain Like Fantom (FTM) And Near Protocol (NEAR)?

There’s one cryptocurrency that has everyone talking right now, and that’s Uniglo. It’s got a ton of potential to make you wealthy, and some argue even more so than other altcoin stalwarts like Fantom and Near Protocol. In this article, we’re going to look at why. It’s important to remember that while we might currently still be in a bear run, this won’t necessarily last forever. There’s still a huge future for crypto, and analysts think now could be the start of a turning point with more gains and a potential bull run on the way. Even if that doesn’t come as soon as many hope it will, there are still strong cryptos out there that are performing well. So you can bust through the bear gloom with the right investments that could still make you considerably wealthy. Not every token is struggling. And Uniglo is one that has a ton of credentials to help turn your portfolio into a success despite overall market conditions. Let’s have a look at why experts love Uniglo right now…

Uniglo (GLO) has more potential than many other tokens

Uniglo has incredible potential for massive rises over the coming months. This might not be a short-term coin, but the good news is that it has all the tech needed to become a massive player in the crypto market for the long-term future. It’s got incredible burn mechanics thanks to a strong dual-burn system that destroys more coins and ensures scarcity over time, making it the answer to the world’s inflation issues. If you’ve noticed how expensive things have become, and how your money is worth less and less, you’ll know how much of an issue inflation has become.

When fiat currencies scrapped their gold standard pegs of value, they became more at risk of inflation. It also became easy for new currency to be printed, devaluaing what was already in circulation. GLO doesn’t have these issues, as it can never be printed or minted. It will become more and more scarce as time goes by. It also has its own asset-backed store of value, a gold standard of diversified investments that even include digitized versions of actual gold alongside things like other crypto, NFTs and more. This gives a stable store of value and a coin that’s primed for growth, which is why experts love GLO right now.

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom has had a strong couple of years, and is already home to a ton of interesting projects on its own fertile blockchain. These include the likes of SpookySwap, which have introduced new earning potential to its users. FTM still has growth potential, but arguably not as much as GLO.

Near Protocol (NEAR)

NEAR makes it easy for users to create and invent new experiences on its platform in a simple, scalable and secure manner. It’s already got a lot of fans, and potential for future growth, but maybe not as much potential as GLO.


GLO is incredibly strong right now. It’s still available at a discount in pre-sale, and could surpass the likes of NEAR and FTM once it hits the mainstream exchanges.

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