Crypto Flipsider News – May 11th – Internet Computer (ICP), Market Moves, Ubisoft, FBI, Dogecoin for Tesla and SpaceX

Tuesday became the second day of astonishments. Crypto world seems as usual

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Hello my crypto brothers, DailyCoin Flipsider writes you.

Today is the 11th of May, and I will name it “surprise, flip-a-sider” day. Why? Because it’s the second day in a row we experience the crypto astonishments.

Read in the digest:

  • Internet Computer (ICP): a crypto out of nowhere?
  • The market reached $2.5 trillion threshold and experienced a 10% dip
  • Elon Musk never falls asleep when Dogecoin needs a boost
  • Ubisoft continues to explore blockchain
  • Bitcoin reminisces about the good ol’ days

Internet Computer Just Launched and Immediately Appeared in the Top 10 Cryptos

Frankly speaking, to say that it’s from nowhere would be wrong because the Dfinity Foundation spent 5 years developing the project — Internet Computer coin (ICO). They released 469,213,710 utility tokens under the authority of the Network Nervous System (NNS), which allowed to be listed on Coinbase immediately. The crypto reached the price of $700 and hit the top 10 by market capitalization. Now, it’s around $400.

Internet Computer ICP


  • Only about 25% of the supply is circulating, as for now. Moreover, they promise that the new smart contract platform runs at internet speed sounds too promising.

Market Reached $2.5 Trillion Threshold but Experienced 10% Dip Today

Do you remember our article about the possible $5 trillion crypto market cap? We reached half of it already! On the other hand, a minor shakeout happened after. It’s just 10%, so not many reasons to worry.

Market record market dip


  • Looking at such claimants as Shiba Inu and Internet Computer, everything is possible in this field. On the other hand, $5 trillion market cap is definitely possible… somewhen in the future.

Elon Musk Plans to Integrate Dogecoin not Only in SpaceX but in Tesla as well

The Dogefather announced “DOGE-1 Mission to the Moon” to be launched in Q1 2022, entirely sponsored in Dogecoin. Furthermore, today he posted a tweet with a poll, asking if Tesla should accept payments in DOGE as well.

More than 75% of people voted for “yes.”

dogecoin to the moon


  • Considering the amount of hype Elon Musk is applying for Dogecoin, if the coin fails, Elon will become the biggest scammer in history. In any case, we’ll see.

Ubisoft is Getting Serious about Blockchain

The biggest French publisher organizes an annual event called “Entrepreneurs Lab.” It’s a mentorship “camp” created to help young developers and entrepreneurs from the entertainment industry. The topics of this year are blockchain and positive entertainment.

So far, Ubisoft is the biggest gaming studio interested in blockchain, crypto, and NFTs.

Bitcoin Again to Be Used for Illegal Purposes? Sorry, that Times Passed!

FBI reported finding out the photo and internet address of the suspect who used Coinbase in order to pay for a hitman for his wife. The identity and address of the receiver of the transaction are still not unknown.

FBI crypto bitcoin


  • Crypto stopped being associated with the darknets a long time ago. However, it seems that someone lives in the past. Seriously, use crypto for legal purposes!OR I’ll send you marked Shiba Inu tokens

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