Blockchain At Its Peak – Digital Real Estate

Have you ever imagined going through the blockchain revolution owning valuable digital assets? Now anyone can be part of the digital world by owning digital real estate.

DecentWorld, an immersive Swiss-owned, blockchain-based metaverse, has announced the platform’s launch date. The highly anticipated project is set to open up its doors to users worldwide on March 1st, 2022.

The platform’s creators say DecentWorld will truly revolutionize not only the blockchain industry, but also the way people own real estate.

The project’s launch marks what is seemingly the first time blockchain technologies and NFTs have been merged into a single easy to understand and simple to use platform. The exciting project offers its users the unique possibilities of buying, selling and experiencing the virtual world via a remarkable, in-house interactive map.

No other browser-based, virtual world platform provides users with compelling, real world environments. DecentWorld fills this void by offering its users the opportunity to become part of a digital metaverse that replicates the environments of the real world.

Real World Copies for Purchase

The team behind the project has shared some exclusive information on the limitless asset trading possibilities that DecentWorld brings to the table. DecentWorld blends blockchain technology with aspects of long held traditions in the financial asset management sector, topping it all off with an effortlessly stylish appearance and luxurious feel.

Powered by advanced WAX blockchain technology, DecentWorld will benefit the entire metaverse with its unprecedented possibilities.

“Ten years ago, everybody was talking about Bitcoin as a digital currency. Now we are talking about owning digital real estate. We believe that the real estate business has gone beyond the physical realm. The future is virtual, and the future is now. We are the future,”

the creators of DecentWorld enthused.

DecentWorld, unlike any other metaverse project to date, offers a fresh approach to how users can own digital real estate. Because the DecentWorld metaverse is a one-to-one copy of the real world, it gives users a sense of familiarity, and ensures a finite supply of virtual assets, which is the key to increasing asset values.

As all streets on the DecentWorld platform are unique, non-fungible, and transferrable, they operate as scarce digital collectibles. Moreover, just as in the real world, DecentWorld users will be the full owners of all of their digital real estate, even down to the proper documentation. The ownership certificates in question are presented in a familiar, easy to understand format, and can be easily transferred to other users, giving the platform a welcome social aspect.

“At the core, we are a tech company and, of course, we immediately saw the real potential of NFTs and their application. But we wanted to build a metaverse platform for the rest of 98% of people who aren’t into crypto 24/7.

From the start, our key objective was to use blockchain technology only where it was truly necessary. It is more like the means to an end for us, and is mostly used under the hood. The user experience, usability and clarity of the system for the end user has always been the top priority for us,”

one of the system architects explained.

The creators of DecentWorld shared that one of their inspirations when creating the platform was social board games, such as Monopoly. Users can therefore treat their assets as art valuables, and combine them into recognizable collections. Adding to this is the ability for users to stake their collections in order to garner yield.

Such a revolutionary approach to digital real estate sets DecentWorld apart in the NFT space as a true game changer.

“The biggest market breakthroughs are usually not related to one certain technology, but with how it can be applied to the market. The biggest challenge for us was taking [advantage of the] full potential of these technologies without compromising the usability of the product, interface, and general user experience.

We did not invent NFTs, blockchain, or even interactive mapping. The challenge came in their applicability and compatibility. Only when the technologies are applied and combined well together does their true potential start to shine,”

the creators of DecentWorld highlighted.

Next-Gen Real Estate with Value

Having placed the onus on making DecentWorld extremely easy to navigate, the platform makes it simple for first time users to make acquisitions in its impressive virtual world.

“By redefining the metaverse user experience and offering Swiss craftsmanship and quality, DecentWorld aims to become an industry-wide standard; a safe and transparent platform for virtual real estate, designed for long-term value. 

DecentWorld encompasses the necessary security features, and applies engaging game logic to bring a bespoke experience to anyone looking to purchase and trade virtual real estate in the most entertaining way,”

the platform’s creators underlined.

The platform attributes the ownership of any and all NFTs minted within the network directly to the owner. Moreover, It will subsequently be possible to trade those assets on the platform’s native marketplace, or sell them to other DecentWorld users via P2P, should the user so choose.

All this comes together to achieve a fully dynamic system in which everyone benefits through an active in-platform economy.

Notably, acquisitions made on DecentWorld are categorized into two phases; in the first phase, users will be able to acquire any streets in the world and combine them into smart collections, while in the second phase, users will be able to further acquire landmarks and other notable objects in 3D.

Bullet-Proof Structure and Plans

DecentWorld outperforms competing metaverse projects through its reliability and carefully structured, sustainable tokenomics. The platform’s native currency, DWRLD, is a utility token, perfectly structured to support the smooth action processes found within the system.

DecentWorld also boasts of a robust payment system, cashing options, and instant currency exchange capabilities.

The implementation of customer identity verification facilitates a safe and fraud-proof network on DecentWorld for transactions to occur, ensuring immense value for all users.

The well-recorded Swiss credibility is reflected through the platform’s integrated KYC and user verification processes, as well as its data privacy, security, and two factor authentication systems which combine to make up just a few of the platform’s notable security features.

The project’s development teams also plan to make their APIs open, allowing other apps to join the ecosystem, thus expanding the unforgettable DecentWorld journey into something that is sustainable and relevant at an even higher level. Ultimately, DecentWorld is set to introduce its future metaverse users to a flawlessly redefined VR experience.

About DecentWorld

DecentWorld is a Swiss metaverse digital real estate platform built on blockchain technology to introduce a next-generation web experience. The platform allows members to buy and trade virtual NFT streets, which can then be combined into collections, and further staked for a preset amount of time. Staked collections generate yield, depending on the staking period. Using state of the art security features, DecentWorld also stands for trust and transparency in the blockchain industry.

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