Algogems Creates NFTs in Just 5 Minutes

You’ve probably already heard about NFTs, the latest buzzword floating around. It’s a unit of data stored on the blockchain, which makes it impossible to falsify, like a modern certificate of authenticity. Many people now buy and resell these NFTs, using them to speculate on these “works of art.” We’re going to walk you through how to sell your NFTs through Algogems in just five minutes, without any cryptocurrency. Why Algogems? Because this platform lets you create an NFT for free, which is perfect if you just want to try things out.

Step 1: The “wallet”

You first need a wallet to use Algogems, which works on the Algorand blockchain.

We recommend that you use the official wallet (mobile app) found here: https://algorandwallet.com/

Once you’ve installed the application:

  • Open a new wallet through the small “+” symbol.
  • Click on “Add Account.”
  • Follow the procedure to create a new account. The system will give you a list of 25 words forming your portfolio’s key. Make sure to you write them down somewhere, as you’ll need them to access your wallet!
  • Select the correct four words in the following test: you now have your very own Algorand portfolio (currently empty).

Step 2: Create your NFTs!

We’ll now create your NFT for free. To do so:

  • Click on this link: https://www.algogems.io/authenticate
  • Click on Algorand Wallet, scan the QR code with your application and log in, selecting your address and completing the challenge (this proves that the portfolio belongs to you).
  • Click on “Create” on the menu bar.
  • Choose your best image.
  • Click on “Let’s go.”
  • Describe your NFT (title, description, etc.).
  • Check “Mint for free,” which will enable you to create your NFT free of charge (Algogems will assume all creation costs). These costs vary based on specific blockchains. For example, creating an NFT can cost you several hundred euros on ETH, the most popular blockchain!
  • Click on “Mint NFT.”

Your NFT is being created. After a few seconds, you can choose to put it up for sale at a set price or at auction. If your NFT is sold, the crypto earned will go directly into your wallet. That’s it! Time to get creative and sell your NFTs. Maybe you’ll even discover a new talent!


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