DailyCoin audience is comprised of individuals who value nuanced stories. As per the old adage: Quality over quantity, if a breakdown of our audience is needed please feel free to reach out. DailyCoin offers:


Podcast/Video interview

Your project shall be invited to the flipside of crypto interview, it takes between 15-30 minutes. During which our lead interviewer will ask questions regarding your project. During the interview we will also introduce a flipside – a segment dedicated towards asking about tough subjects such as weaknesses, past failures, challenges, all in order to humanize the project and increase is transparency.


Sponsored articles

DailyCoin accepts sponsored articles. Please see the guidelines here.


Become a contributor

DailyCoin accepts article contributions. Please see the guidelines here.


Trust building campaign

Together with our account manager, writer/researcher and designer a tailored campaign will be set up for your project. During which:

  • We will conduct unbiased research on your project (its technical part, business, narrative, related news).
  • We will create content based on this research in several mediums: interview (video/podcast); article; social media posts; infographics;
  • We will include a flipside to your project, thus ensuring that the project has been vetted and analyzed without bias.


Press release dissemination

We accept press releases that meet our editorial standards.


Newsletter inclusion

We would include a story about your project in our daily digest and newsletter
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