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Man with green lights for DEFI.

Crypto Makes a Comeback as Major Coins See Double-Digit Gains

After a small slump, the cryptocurrency market has rebounded with major players experiencing double-digit gains.

Guy paiting graffiti on a wall saying Solana ETF.

Why Solana ETFs Might Get the Green Light Without CME Futures

Solana is experiencing a surge fueled by positive market factors and the possibility of streamlined ETF approval.

Hacker looking straight at you, whilst hacking.

WazirX Bolsters Asset Recovery Efforts with Two Sets of Bounties

WazirX floats two bounty initiatives to help recover $234 million in stolen funds.


Gary Gansler looking disappopinted with the voting that is going on around him, visualised by many colourful hands.

SEC Calls Off Ripple Private Meeting: What Happened?

XRP prices surged on speculation of a key SEC meeting about Ripple, but then plunged after the meeting was canceled.

Lady justice is shocked of the court's hearing, and sees ripple tumble down.

XRP Tumbles 10% Amid Major Ripple and SEC Legal Battle News

After a strong rally, XRP’s price has pulled back and now faces a critical test at a key support level.

Gary Gensler and Brad Garlinhouse having issues in communicating privately.

SEC & Ripple Talks Still On: What’s Next After the Delay?

XRP price swings after SEC cancels meeting on lawsuit settlement, but a rescheduled meeting offers hope for a resolution.

An XRP coin on Bull land.

XRP Soars 61%: Is a Ripple Lawsuit Verdict Getting Priced In?

The XRP price has skyrocketed amid escalating speculation over a verdict in the Ripple and SEC lawsuit.

Brad Garlinhouse feeling positive and crossing his fingers in Court room.

Ripple’s SEC Ordeal to End in July?! Two Key Dates Arise

The SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple could reach an ending soon, with two dates in July emerging as crucial for XRP.

Gary Gensler and Brad Garlinhouse sitting in a split rooms with two different closed doors.

Ripple & SEC Link Up for Private Talks: Here’s What It’s for

A closed-door SEC meeting with discussions on settlement has ignited speculation of a resolution in the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple.

Two very old man facing eachother in wheelchairs, giving the middle finger in an old abandoned building.

XRP Lawsuit Close to Climax? Here’s What We Know

The long-awaited SEC lawsuit against Ripple Labs over XRP’s status as a security could see a resolution by summer 2024.

Guy feeling the power of Solana.

Solana Sees Mayor Ecosystem Growth as Stripe and PayPal Integrations Lead the Way: Report

Solana’s Q2 2024 growth is driven by key partnerships with PayPal and Stripe, along with innovative scaling solutions and robust ecosystem engagement.

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Guy looking closer at the crypto chart.

Filter The Noise: ETFSwap (ETFS), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Dogecoin (DOGE), Are Enough for This Market Cycle

Discover the true potential of these altcoins: Shiba Inu (SHIB), Dogecoin (DOGE), and ETFSwap (ETFS), which could be your path to crypto mass adoption.

Woman looking closely at the blockchain cubes.

Open Banking Expo Appoints Goodkopp Communications to Amplify Media Engagement at Open Banking Expo UK & Europe 2024

Open Banking Expo UK & Europe 2024 appoints Goodkopp Communications to enhance media engagement for its October event, featuring over 150 speakers.

Robot checking the bar chart and analysing it.

RCO Finance Could Surpass Top Altcoins as Bull Run Is Gaining Momentum

Discover how RCO Finance (RCOF) is set to outshine top altcoins in this bull run.

Robot watching a blockchain cube burn.

Zivoe to Launch Real-World Asset Credit Protocol Democratizing Access to Credit

Zivoe, an RWA credit protocol, launches July 31st to connect on-chain liquidity with real-world borrowers, featuring a unique Initial Tranche Offering (ITO).

Futuristic puzzle piece levitating above a hand holding a Shiba inu.

Multipool Enters Strategic Partnership with Tokinvest Delivering Next-Level Tokenized Real-World Asset Trading

Multipool partners with Tokinvest to revolutionize real-world asset trading through an end-to-end solution for RWA token offerings, secondary market trading, and liquidity provision.

Robot testing out stablecoins in Japan.

Hashed and B Dashed Ventures Name Sponsors for Inaugural Blockchain Leaders Summit Tokyo 2024

Hashed and B Dash Ventures announced sponsors and key speakers for Blockchain Leaders Summit Tokyo 2024, set for July 24th.

A trickster guy playing around with toxic blockchain potion.

Venom Announces Deepcoin Spot & Futures Listings

Venom Foundation lists its native token, $VENOM, on Deepcoin Spot and Perpetual Futures markets, advancing its global expansion, especially in Asia.

Superhero Shib and Doge flying through digital sky.

AI Meme Coin WienerAI Raises $7.5M with 14 Days Remaining of Presale

WienerAI (WAI), a meme coin featuring AI technology, surpassed $7.5 million in its presale, which ends in two weeks before the DEX listing.

Market News

Hackr guy riding the dark blockchain like a rodeo.

Was $7.6M Rho Protocol Exploit a Hack? Suspected Attacker Denies Wanting to Steal from Users

The Rho protocol suffered a $7.6M exploit. Surprisingly, the attacker claimed that they had no malicious intent.

Shiba Inu sitting on the edge of a high cliff not aware of a dark figure approaching from the back about to push it over the edge.

SHIB Dips Hard During Top Indian Exchange’s $230M Hack

Hackers looted over 5T of SHIB from India’s most popular crypto exchange, momentarily sending SHIB down 10%.

Donald Trump delivering a speach on a Bitcoin event.

Pro-Trump ‘Civil War’ Tweets Stir Crypto Community as Many Threaten Boycotts

Crypto insider Ryan Selkis’s inflammatory pro-Trump tweets, referencing civil war, spark backlash in the crypto industry.

Gary Gensler and Brad Garlinhouse having issues in communicating privately.

SEC & Ripple Talks Still On: What’s Next After the Delay?

XRP price swings after SEC cancels meeting on lawsuit settlement, but a rescheduled meeting offers hope for a resolution.

A small space robot with DailyCoin logo on his chest looking at a tiny planet with the Bitcoin Logo on it.

DailyCoin Bitcoin Regular: Very Tight Bollinger Bands Signal $190K Goal

Bitcoin analysts remain optimistic despite a recent pullback, pointing to technical indicators and resistance levels that signal potential gains.

Alex Pereira flexing muscles as money falling on and around him.

BlockDAG’s Presale Hits $59.5M as UFC Champ Alex Pereira Becomes BlockDAG’s Ambassador; AVAX & ICP Enjoy Bullish Wave

Explore how BlockDAG’s collaboration with UFC Champion Alex Pereira is setting sights on global crypto trends amid ICP’s rally & AVAX bullish sentiments.


Girl looking confused, holding a cubical digital object resembling a safe.

What Are Crypto Wallets? How to Store, Spend, and Save Crypto

Crypto wallets provide a gateway into the world of cryptocurrency.

David Chaum in coding space with Bitcoin and behind him Satoshi.

David Chaum: The Man Who Inspired Satoshi Nakamoto

David Chaum has had a profound influence on a plethora of crypto developers, including the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto.

Girl in the 90's digital space, drew the word 'Crypto' in Microsoft Paint. Seeing Clippy show up on her screen.

Crypto in the ’90s: The Unofficial History of Cryptocurrency 

The true beginnings of cryptocurrency can be traced all the way back to the radical 1990s.

Boy in the clouds thinking what crypto is.

What Is Crypto? A Beginner’s Guide

Rather than jumping head-first into crypto, it’s always a much better idea to start with the basics.

Two similar robots posing for the camera surrounded by floating crypto coins.

Gemini vs Uphold: Exchanges to Level Up Your Trading Experience

Are you ready to take that next step forward in your crypto journey?

Giant pink robot flexing its muscles in the Alps.

Polkadot 2.0: The Next Evolution in Multi-Chain Technology?

Polkadot 2.0 promises to shake up the platform in some pretty drastic ways.